About us

Founded in Lisbon in 2004, Just rapidly guaranteed its place in the talent agency marketplace. We are a nationally renowned agency with a long history of success.

Based in Chiado, in Lisbon, Just operates in the talent agency market in three distinct manners:

• Just Artists manages professional actors, from those at the beginning of their careers to the more established, with recognised artistic ability and what we call attitude. Through our work, we aim to elevate the quality of the actor's technique and consequent media status.

• Just Models is responsible for the selection, training and career management of models. We work with models renowned in the national and international market, and prepare the new generation who will be the future benchmark.

• Just Commercial & Kids are two interlinked departments oriented towards marketing. People of all ages and with the most varied profiles are recruited.

Just invests in effective communication with its talent and clients, in efficiency and teamwork. We are dynamic, and work always with the intention of exceeding the expectations of our talent and clients. We are focused and determined to offer distinct value in the marketplace.

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